Computer Myths

April 21, 2020

1 A sluggish-running laptop has a virus

A virus may be to blame. Spyware or other malware can also cause a laptop to gradual down. However, there are also many different reasons your laptop may run slower:

  • You may also have quite a few applications that begin up when you boot up the laptop. You ought to eliminate or disable applications that begin each time.
  • The laptop has gone into power keep mode each night, however you haven’t rebooted the laptop in a long time.
  • There are many applications jogging in the background. On a Windows PC, you could cross into the assignment manager and notice what is jogging and the PC sources in use.
  • A safety application is strolling. If it’s an antivirus scanner, let the scan end first, then see if your PC velocity improves.
  • Temporary documents or different junk are taking up too much difficult drive area. Your PC wishes at the least 200–500MB of free area on the tough force to be able to circulate and manage files.
  • Your laptop doesn’t have enough RAM to run programs within reminiscence. If your laptop has to swap facts on the hard force to get sufficient reminiscence to run applications, it’s going to paintings slower.
  • The laptop is old. You may additionally want to improve to a computer which could handle current software desires without slowing to a snail’s pace.

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2 Macs don’t get viruses

Many Apple owners agree that their Macintosh computer systems are resistant to viruses. If most effective. Macs do get viruses; they’re truly targeted much less than PCs. Why? There are many extra computer systems jogging

Windows, because of this a bigger, less complicated goal for cyber criminals

As Apple’s market percentage rises, the danger to Macs is growing.

Apple works to defend its customers from malware, but you still need to apply warnings with downloads and while clicking on links from unknown sources.  If and when things like this happen to you contact Computer Solution 1, so we can fix and repair any computer quickly so you can get back to work or play. 

3 My Windows registry desires cleansing up

Registry cleaning groups will say that scanning your Windows registry can speed up the PC and avoid error messages. The purifier reveals unused registry keys and any malware remnants for removal.

But permit’s take into account the reality that Microsoft has now not launched its personal registry purifier. Why no longer? Because it’s absolutely now not necessary. Worse still, getting into to smooth your registry (whilst you don’t understand what you’re doing) can without a doubt do serious damage.

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4  My PC battery desires to be dead before I recharge if I need it to ultimate longer

This became once true. Nickel-cadmium batteries suffered from what turned into known as a “reminiscence effect.” If discharged and recharged to the equal point several times, they would take into account that point inside the destiny and no longer cross further.

Now, however, laptops usually come with lithium-ion (or Li-ion) batteries. They don’t suffer from this reminiscence effect. In truth, they function higher with partial discharge instead of letting the battery run down to zero.

5 I don’t have something hackers would want

Cyber protection needs to be a concern for everyone, not best sprawling enterprises. Let’s positioned it this way:

  • Do you have any cash?
  • Do you have got an identity cyber criminals may want to use to access money or sell for money?
  • Do you figure anywhere?

Hackers have all varieties of methods to make the most of your records or from hijacking your PC’s processing electricity. They can turn your PC into a part of a bot community or use your statistics as a bridge into a business goal’s system.